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Team Members:
Dina Hackert, Holly Pollock, Angela Wheatley, Brianna Lovins, Bridget Love, Cindy Ware, Claudia Stull, Jennifer Chapman, Joan Hershey, Lisa Durham, Missy Tayler, Shannon Bradley, & Tara Powers.

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The team has returned safely from a wonderful trip focused on medical missions, crusades, street evangelism, and a new church plant in the Eastern Region.

We were blown away at the generosity of so many people who contributed to our trip and paved the way for us to bring suitcases full of medical supplies with us to bless the people of Ghana. If you were one of these people, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You have made a global impact for the Kingdom of Heaven both in the natural and in the supernatural!

Check out the recap video to get a glimpse into our trip.

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